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The Callings Program™

The Callings Program™ is a place to reflect upon finding, pursuing and living your calling.

Whether you are a school leaver or retiree; in career transition or at a personal cross-roads; city dweller or on the land – The Callings Program™ can help you find and commit to the path towards passion and purpose.

Our story begins in 1999 with the founding of Sympatico Coaching Practice. Launched by Annie Stewart, Sympatico has grown to be one of Australia’s longest established corporate and career coaching services. The Sympatico team has helped a diverse range of individuals and organisations across many fields of endeavour.

Over time, Sympatico began to attract clients with a longing to find and follow their purpose or calling. Compelled to understand what defines a purpose or calling, Annie embarked on a quest to create a process for living and working fearlessly.

The Callings Program™ organically evolved from this quest as Annie and her team built Sympatico. Eager to examine how callings work in practice, Annie completed related organisational research titled, A Call to Lead: How to Find, Follow and Sustain Your Calling, where she explored the role of a calling in career development and leadership.

The research laid the groundwork for her inspirational book ‘How to Find and Follow Your Calling’. Published in 2009, the book immediately struck a chord with people at a cross-road in their lives or who were seeking to clarify their calling.

Today, joined by a team of accredited coaching professionals, The Callings Program™ has grown into a proven life and career development methodology that has helped thousands of individuals commit to a life-changing action plan.

Annie second callings book, Career to Calling: How to Make the Switch was released in December 2019.

The Callings Program™ will be an invaluable companion if you are:

  • wondering about or reviewing your calling or life purpose
  • feeling stuck, looking for a new direction
  • wanting to make wise choices and searching for a strategy to achieve this
  • experiencing physical and/or emotional symptoms you think may be related to not living to your potential
  • at a transition in your personal life and/or career and asking yourself ‘what’s next’
  • craving passion and purpose in your life, and seeking practical steps and advice to get there
  • wanting to support someone who is facing some of these challenges