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Career Coaching

We help you find meaningful and satisfying work.

A Callings Coach helps to clarify your career goals and supports you on the journey to career success.

We take into consideration the dynamic and complex nature of finding meaningful and satisfying work. For instance, considerations such as labour market forces, lifestyle, ‘opportunity awareness’ and making wise decisions at different life stages.

A typical four to six coaching session brief includes the following steps (downloadable PDF):


The Callings Program™ is a centre for support, encouragement and guidance.

Our coaches provide an inspiring and challenging environment, an independent view, constructive feedback and support.

The Callings team utilise a range of coaching methodologies and practical resources drawn from international business, psychology, spirituality, education, career management, health and wellbeing.

‘What happens when you work with a coach?’

We asked a cross-section of clients about their experiences working with us. This is what they said: 

  • You take yourself seriously and make the changes you’ve been thinking about
  • You may realise that your issues just aren’t about work
  • You learn about yourself and gain clarity and direction
  • You take responsibility to address confronting feedback
  • You take more effective and focused actions
  • You create momentum so it’s easier to get results
  • You acknowledge the value of support as you launch into a new role/project/business or life-change
  • Your thinking can be constructively challenged by a confidential third party
  • You learn new skills, which will result in new thinking and results

You take yourself seriously and make the changes you've been thinking about

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