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Find work you love,

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 Whether you’re a university graduate, a return-to-work parent, or a working professional, you can find the path towards fulfilment and turn your job into a calling. 


Introducing Annie Stewart – Career Coach & Author

My calling is to guide you to find and follow yours. Our journey begins now.

Annie StewartManaging Director - Sympatico Coaching Practice

About Annie

Annie Stewart is a career coach and managing director of Sympatico Coaching Practice, one of Australia’s longest running and most respected leadership and career development services. As the founder of The Callings Program, a proven step-by-step methodology for finding and following callings, Annie has helped thousands of people move towards their life purpose.

Annie delivers lectures, retreats and workshops across Australia and Asia on leadership, coaching skills, career development and The Callings Program. Her first book, How to Find and Follow Your Calling – 7 steps to living with passion and purpose, was published in 2009. Annie holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy, a Masters Degree in Ergonomics, and is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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Latest book…

Praise for Career to Calling

'In this important book, Annie, in her loving way, offers us lessons on the “how”. These may sound simple, but they are profound, and are taught in the major religions of the world.
She describes the fundamental process as looking within ourselves, and answering the calling. I commend this book, and its call to action, to all who are contemplating the calling, or who are answering it.’

GORDON CAIRNSChairman of Woolworths Group

‘In an age where so many are looking for deeper purpose, meaning and impact, Annie provides us with a comprehensive roadmap to discover and live our true calling. A powerful and practical read.’

RAJEEV DEWANAuthor of Be.Do.Live. Peak Performance Coach

‘What if you could do more Great Work: work that has more impact, work that has more meaning? Finding your calling is one doorway to that; and if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work, this book might just show you the way.’

MICHAEL BUNGAY STANIERAuthor of The Coaching Habit

‘Annie conveys the nuances, wisdom and insight needed to help us find our calling in a language that’s easy to grasp, illustrating with personal and client experiences the pragmatic steps we can take on our journey. 'Career to Calling' is really a call-to-action to re-kindle your passions, restore your belief in what’s possible and reset your compass to live the life you truly want.’


‘The essential guide for anyone pursuing a truly meaningful life. Practical, thorough and insightful, it's the ideal companion on the path to loving your work.’

ROBERT GERRISHAuthor of The 1 Minute Commute + Founder of Flying Solo

"Annie has been part of 'my tribe' for over thirty years and I can vouch that she personally practises what she preaches! This book is the result of her deep experience with physical and mental health. It is a practical book that will help wherever you may be in life’s journey."


What we do

Career Coaching

A Callings Coach helps to clarify career goals and supports you on the journey to career success.


The Callings Program™

The Callings Program™ is a place to reflect upon finding, pursuing and living your calling. Whether you are a school leaver or retiree; in career transition or at a personal cross-roads; city dweller or on the land – The Callings Program™ can help you uncover or re-affirm living with passion and purpose


Leadership Development

Annie Stewart and her team of associates are experts in the purpose-leadership domain.  Informing the ‘Purpose’offerings are her research findings integrated into The Callings Program, a proven leadership development methodology that has helped many leaders commit to an action plan for articulating and sustaining their purpose.


Callings Coach Certification

For those of you wishing to include our methodology in your career development practices – here is the next step. In June 2020, a Callings Coach Certification will be launched.  



Annie Stewart is a leading authority in helping individuals and organisations find and live their purpose or calling. She inspires audiences to live with passion and purpose and guides them on the steps to get there



Annie’s Stewart’s latest book “Career to Calling” is ready to purchase online now.


Who we work with

In addition to career coaching, public speaking and authorship we work alongside major Australian companies. 

Ready to find your calling?