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We help you grow and flourish through the BIG changes in your life and career.

For over two decades, the Sympatico team have been trusted to provide executive coaching and career development services.

Our philosophy or guiding principle is connection and being in ‘sympatico’ with our clients and the purpose-driven organisations we serve.

SYMPATICO is Australia’s longest established single-owner corporate coaching service, Annie Stewart and her associates are committed to their clients’ success and proud of the positive impact they have made to many lives, communities and organisations.

Being in sympatico, we help clients gain greater strength and confidence, grow their skills and make significant advances in their performance and impact.

Many people say they feel immediately comfortable with a Sympatico coach even though they are ‘out of their comfort zone’ with what they are working on.

Who we work with

Sympatico partners with individuals and organisations to provide tailor-made leadership development programs and corporate, transition and career coaching services.

Introducing Dr Annie Stewart – Coach & Author

My purpose is to inspire and guide people to work and live with greater skill and confidence, and then go out into the world and maximise their contribution and impact.

Annie StewartManaging Director - Sympatico Coaching Practice

About Annie

Annie has an enduring purpose to help people discover and sustain fulfilling work – at whatever age and stage they find themselves. She is the author of 2 career development books: How to Find and Follow Your Calling: 7 steps to living with passion and purpose (2010) and Career to Calling: How to Make the Switch (2019). She is also the founder of The Callings Program, a proven step-by-step methodology that has helped thousands of people commit to an action plan for living their calling or life’s purpose.

In recent years Annie’s work and focus has evolved to include supporting people through career transitions. This work parallels her personal journey as a business owner, truth-seeker, mentor, mother and grandmother. Her next book Something Happens: A Guide to Growing Through a BIG Transition will be published in 2025.

Annie holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (University of Sydney) and a Masters Degree in Ergonomics (UNSW). She has a PhD in leadership and transpersonal psychology. Her doctoral studies researched how leaders found, follow and sustain their calling. Annie is also a Master Practitioner in NLP and is a Member of the Career Development Association of Australia.

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Latest book…

Praise for Annie’s Authorship

'In this important book, Annie, in her loving way, offers us lessons on the “how”. These may sound simple, but they are profound, and are taught in the major religions of the world.
She describes the fundamental process as looking within ourselves, and answering the calling. I commend this book, and its call to action, to all who are contemplating the calling, or who are answering it.’

GORDON CAIRNSChairman of Woolworths Group

‘In an age where so many are looking for deeper purpose, meaning and impact, Annie provides us with a comprehensive roadmap to discover and live our true calling. A powerful and practical read.’

RAJEEV DEWANAuthor of Be.Do.Live. Peak Performance Coach

‘What if you could do more Great Work: work that has more impact, work that has more meaning? Finding your calling is one doorway to that; and if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work, this book might just show you the way.’

MICHAEL BUNGAY STANIERAuthor of The Coaching Habit

‘Annie conveys the nuances, wisdom and insight needed to help us find our calling in a language that’s easy to grasp, illustrating with personal and client experiences the pragmatic steps we can take on our journey. 'Career to Calling' is really a call-to-action to re-kindle your passions, restore your belief in what’s possible and reset your compass to live the life you truly want.’


‘The essential guide for anyone pursuing a truly meaningful life. Practical, thorough and insightful, it's the ideal companion on the path to loving your work.’

ROBERT GERRISHAuthor of The 1 Minute Commute + Founder of Flying Solo

"Annie has been part of 'my tribe' for over thirty years and I can vouch that she personally practises what she preaches! This book is the result of her deep experience with physical and mental health. It is a practical book that will help wherever you may be in life’s journey."


Ready to grow and flourish?