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Purpose-driven leadership

What does it really take to be a successful purpose-driven leader?

A leader’s purpose is a call to action that aligns with their deepest values: it is a fit between who they are and what they do.

According to current leadership theory, a leader functions at their best when they have a clear sense of personal purpose that is authentically aligned with the organisation’s purpose. A critical determinant for ongoing success is the capacity of a leader to understand and communicate their purpose amidst the challenges of leading and operating day to day. Inspirational leaders create an inclusive culture that connects individuals to the underlying purpose and mission of the organisation.

Annie Stewart and her team of associates are experts in purpose-driven leadership.  Her leadership development programs are based on her findings from The Callings Program, a proven leadership development methodology that has helped many leaders commit to an action plan for articulating and sustaining their purpose.

The methodology of the program is published in Annie Stewart’s first book, How to Find and Follow Your Calling: 7 steps to living with passion and purpose and her latest work, Career to Calling: How to Make the Switch.

Purpose-driven leadership development typically incorporates workshop modules, coaching and assessment tools.