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Practical, relevant and engaging presentations

Annie Stewart is a leading authority in helping individuals and organisations find and follow their purpose or calling. She inspires audiences to live with passion and purpose and guides them on the steps to get there.

Annie’s presentations are at the cutting edge of professional practice keynotes and are informed by the latest research and thinking in purpose-led leadership, career development, neuroscience and business.

Having worked as a career coach and facilitator for over twenty years she provides real life stories – making the presentation practical, relevant and engaging.

Lectures & Keynote Speaking Topics

The following topics can be presented in a range of formats, from a one-hour lecture to a full-day or weekend retreat.

  • How to find your calling without quitting your job
  • Career to Calling: how to make the switch
  • Callings: the power of purposeful work
  • How to find and follow your leadership purpose
  • Callings: why purposeful work is important
  • Why your best people are looking for another job
  • The call to make a difference
  • How to Find and Fund Your Calling
  • Why is it so difficult to pursue and live out a Calling
  • Finding a calling is a Skill and a Choice
  • Callings and Retirement
  • All work and no play? Keys to finding a job that doesn’t make you dull (or psycho)
  • 10 ways young people can break into the job market
  • A Mum’s guide to getting back to work
  • The art of finding your calling
  • Sustaining purpose during challenging times